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The Repêchage difference is our commitment to being the best in every aspect of the skin care business, from creating the best seaweed-based products to providing the most in-depth education and training.
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Lip Intimate Care

100% Natural
100% Vegan
90% Organic

"Regular use of soap disturbs a healthy vagina. As a doctor, I strongly recommend Lip Intimate Care's oil-based products as they strengthen the genital area. Excellent for daily use but also during periods in life when mucous membranes are particularly fragile."
Karin Ehn, doctor


Signature Facial

Why should we use this organic oil?

"Dry, itchy, and irritated mucous membranes affects many women.  Often due to excessive washing and the use of soap which is not intended for the intimate area.
The cleansing oils from Lip Intimate Care are amazing products that carefully cleanses and repairs dry, irritated and itching mucous membranes."
Sara, midwife

Lip Intimate Care

Cleansing and Hydrating care for women.

The intimate area is the most sensitive part of your body and absorbs much of what you apply. You don't want to use mineral oil, surfactants, synthetic fragrances or other petrochemicals down there since they can irritate and cause imbalances.
For us, it's obvious to nurture our lady parts with organic products.


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Professional Courses

The Home of Beauty and Aesthetics

Iguazu Beauty offers advanced training for beauty professionals around the world. 

Oncology Aesthetics OTI is exclusive to Iguazu Beauty, teaching students from Ireland, UK and Malta and is a very special part of our mission. 

Workshop courses will also be available from spring 2021.

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