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Just when you get in to a routine and figure your skin out, what happens? Menopause.

Unfortunately we can't get away from it and inevitably it will be something all women have to go through.

Everyone is different but most women will have some side effects on the skin that they may need to manage.

  • Dry Skin

  • Increased Lines

  • Irritation

  • Rosacea

  • Spots and even acne.

As if that is not enough hormonal changes can cause many imbalances in the body,

  • Mood Swings

  • Hot flushes

  • Collagen reduction

  • Fatigue

  • And of course many more depending on the person.

Collagen is what gives our skin it's density and as we get older the production of collagen reduces especially during menopause.

We also produce an enzyme caused elastase, this enzyme is responsible for the break down of elastin, elastin is what gives our skin it's stretch.

So with all this in mind what should one do when they start to notice changes in the skin.

I am a firm believer in prevention is better than cure. If you are not already using a serum and cream to maintain the skins protective barrier and prevent these enzymes from running riot, now is the time to start.

Anti aging products should contain more peptides (basically these are messengers that bring the active ingredient to the source of the problem), also they may have vitamins such as Niacinamide/Vit B3, minerals, amino acids and of course my favorite and the most hydrating substance out there, seaweed.

Vitamin A is also popular but must be used correctly as it can cause irritation and skin peeling. Acely-1 Hexapeptide-8 works just as well if not better and also protects the skin.

So why am I giving you all these unreadable words? I'm not trying to confuse you but sometimes it's good to know what is on the bottle.

Hot flushes:

These seem to be the signature side effect of the menopause and I have seen many a woman run out into the cold Irish air in nothing but a bra or vest to cool down. So how can we control the effects these have on our skin in today's working world. Last thing anyone needs is their full face of make up sliding down their face in the middle of a meeting.

  • Facial Spray (can be used over make up) will instantly cool the skin and decollete

  • Plastic ice cubes on the back of the neck and on the inside of wrists

  • Mattifying moisturizer or shine control lotion under your foundation.

  • Use Matt products rather than shimmer, go easy on the highlighter.

  • Wear a mineral based light weight foundation.

  • Have a hairband, bobbin or hair grip to take that mop up and off your face before you are wringing wet!

  • Use cool (not cold) water and damp cotton when doing your skin care.

  • Repechage have lovely surgical steel massage wands that you can use over lotions, cream and serums to calm the skin from redness and heat. These are great for puffy eyes too. (Jade roller is an alternative but warms much quicker).

  • Wear light layers so you can peel them off.

  • In the salon stay away from heated blankets, heated masks, mitts and booties. (your therapist can advise you on alternatives.)

  • Last but not least, invest in a hand held fan. Sometimes it's the old reliable that works best.

Best Facials: Vita Cura Firming Facial / Vita Cura Gold Lifting Facial / Hydra 4 Red Out Facial

Best Home care: VC Gold, Vita Cura Silver Collection or for sensitivity and rosacea Hydra 4 Red Out Cleanser and Serum.

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