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100% Soy wax. Handpoured in Dublin. Rocksalt and driftwood Ozone and seaweed top notes for freshness Floral middle notes of cyclamen and waterlily Grounding base notes of driftwood, amber, patchouli and musk This stunning fragrance (1) opens with the smell of a fresh coastal breeze as the refreshing aroma of seaweed and sweet ozone waft in. The scent of the sea air is then enhanced by a (2) floral heart where a touch of the fragrant cyclamen is sweetened by the delicate waterlily. The (3) base fragrance of sparkling salt-crusted driftwood is warmed by rich amber, earthy patchouli and deep musk. A beautiful fragrance of rejuvenation.

Cois farraige Red Belly Candles

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