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In spite of advances in cancer care and survival rates, people undergoing cancer treatment continue to experience invalidating side effects both during and after cancer treatment: these affect patients not only on a physical, but also on a psychological, social, and spiritual level.  The use of complementary therapies is becoming increasingly more extensive among cancer patient and survivors, therefore more research is required to address the effects these have on global well-being and quality of life.
For women particularly, a cancer diagnosis forces them to confront aggressive treatment side effects and these determine important changes to their physical appearance: an integrative approach to cancer care should therefore take into consideration the importance of the dimensions of femininity and of their identity, and to help them regain a positive relationship with their body.
OTI’s Trainings focus on a number of these aspects, and also show the efficacy of an aesthetic care program whose aim is to help people with cancer cope with disease-related changes that can affect their body image and physical appearance during treatment.
OTI has, and continues to identify the need for advanced training’s in the spa; medical and wellness industry where previous beliefs are slowly shifting for those diagnosed with cancer.  For years these industries have shied away from addressing all the needs of people living with cancer. Ignorance and a lack of knowledge has impeded professionals from helping these cancer fighters and survivors – the very people who may benefit most from spa/beauty and wellness services. When you consider as many as four in ten people will get cancer in their lifetimes – there is a demand based on the staggering reality of 23.6 million potentially new cases of cancer each year by 2030.

Oncology Aesthetic Training and Workshops

Treatments You Can Trust

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Oncology Aesthetics Training Foundation Level Online For Professionals

Because you care.

3 Day course for beauty and hair professionals. Learn How to welcome and treat all your clients safely. 

Now a available in virtual training.

Serving Cancer Patient's & Survivors Seminar
For Professionals

Oncology Aesthetics, Wig and Scalp Therapy

This 3 Day Virtual training is now available for all hairdressers.

No dates at present

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Living with cancer & your beauty regime.

Workshops for cancer survivors.

These workshops help clients understand what is safe and what to avoid during and after cancer therapy in the salon and spa. 
It helps with home care and how to manage any side effects and changes that anti cancer treatments cause to your daily beauty and skincare routine.

Oncology Aesthetics: Services

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