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The New Iguazu

I am so excited about getting back to work and seeing all my lovely clients again. I really have missed all our chats and giggles.

When I reopen things are going to be very different, different for you and for me. It will take us time to adjust but soon it will be second nature and as if it was always the way.

So what have you got to look forward to in the NEW Iguazu Beauty?

The same lovely welcome, advice and treatments. The products, music and homecare will also be the same.

A few things that will be different, some new furniture in the salon. A new special place for your shoes, clothes and personal belongings.

I will be unable to offer refreshments so please bring along your own bottle of water or coffee/tea cup.

You will have a full consultation with myself or my lovely side-kick Charmaine prior to each visit. This will be done by phone within 3 days of your appointment. If this is not completed then we will not be able to continue with your service.

There will be long gaps between each client to ensure correct cleaning of the treatment room and also to avoid overlapping of people in the waiting area. If for some reason you are early or notice another client is still in the salon, please wait in your car until you are called. Likewise if you are running late, it may result in us having to reschedule your appointment. Please allow yourself plenty of time for traffic etc.

I ask that all clients wear a face covering when attending appointments and we will ask you to wash your hands on arrival. Don't take it personally, I will be asking everyone!

Anyone who has been for a service at Iguazu Beauty knows how the chats could go on for hours, this is what makes this job so special. Unfortunately, once a treatment has ended, you will be swiftly booted out the door! Time is of the essence and a thorough cleaning must be done before the next client arrives. I regret having to run things this way as I really do like to give people as much time as possible, but for now we must stick to the "New Normal".

Each evening I will follow up with you by email or phone, making sure all was ok and if you

had any further questions or concerns we didn't cover.

Lastly, each business will have different routines, guidelines and protocols. Each one specific and suitable for them. What you experience at Iguazu Beauty Therapy may be different to what you experience at another salon. That is quite alright.

I have put these policies in place to protect you, staff, my family and myself. A large number of visitors to Iguazu Beauty are compromised by cancer and other health issues. It is imperative that I do everything I possibly can to protect their health and ensure they feel comfortable and safe when coming for their pamper treatments.

If you feel unwell at all please be sure to cancel or postpone. There is no cancellation fee and you will be thanked for it, for sure.

I want to thank you in advance, we are all learning here and over the course of time things will change again no doubt. You have all supported me, not just over the past few months but over the past number of years. I and Iguazu Beauty have been through many changes, but we are still here. Still here and stronger than ever thanks to you.

Stay well , stay safe and I look forward to seeing you very, very soon.

Warmest wishes,

Louise Xx.

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