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Boost Your Business

Iguazu Beauty are proud to host another "Boost Your Business" event for beauty professionals.  After a roaring success in March of 2022, the much-coveted event is back and this time it is in the capital. 

The daylong event will take place in the Castleknock hotel, Dublin on Monday March 13th. 

Industry from Ireland and around the world will be present to share their experience and expertise.

Hosted by Louise O' Loughlin founder and CEO of Iguazu Beauty.

The world-renowned Lydia Sarfati, CEO and president of Sarkli Repechage will hail from New York. Giving top tips on how to maintain a successful business in difficult times. 

Founder of OTI Oncology Training International, Morag Currin will fly in from Canada. Sharing her knowledge and paving the way for spa and salon owners and therapists. Morag will discuss the importance of Oncology Training in our industry and how it will be the turning point for salons and spas around the world. 

Our very own Jennifer Rock aka "The Skin Nerd" will share her journey to success, the highs and the lows and how to stay focused. 

New Irish owned brand Annutri, will launch their brand-new product. Caring for skin and hair from the inside out. 

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