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How can we protect you in this crazy world?

This is a worrying time. A worry for those with underlying health issues and also for those in business. As a beauty therapist I work up close and personal with my clients day to day. To say it's a hands on profession is an understatement, my hands are my profession.

So what can I do to make people feel as safe as they possibly can be when visiting my salon. Of course on a normal day the salon is clean, sanitized and professional. However now with the higher risk of, I don't even want to say it, let's just say CV, there is more to do.

First and foremost if there is anyone in the building that has shown any signs of illness, even the slightest cough, clients will be notified and postponed if necessary. Likewise, if you or a family member are unwell, please don't come for your treatment. As much as I love you, I need to think of all Iguazu Beauty's clients.

Surfaces from front door in will be sanitized between clients. All laundry will be changed between each client, no matter how small the service. (don't be surprised if the bed looks a little bare!)

On arrival all clients will be asked to wash hands (properly) and use paper towels.Please don't be offended.

Gloves and masks will be worn for all treatments (by me the therapist, not you). As many of you know, this is actually standard practice for me in the salon as I work with those with compromised immune systems all the time.

Rest assured that all implements are either disposable or can be sterilized correctly.

A longer gap will be given between clients, this is to allow time for clean up and prep for the next customer. Due to this there will be less time to take appointments, so if you need to change or are running late, please let me know.

I don't want to cause alarm or panic in any way. What I am trying to do is set new habits, habits that might just help me continue to work. Without these precautions I might just have to stop work, in a one woman business that is not really an option I, nor anyone else wants to face.

As always, I appreciate each and every one of you. I look forward to seeing you very soon and remember it will take more then a new bug to keep us from looking good!

Louise. x

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