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What is Oncology Aesthetics?

The study and modification of skincare and haircare practices to ensure a safe outcome for anyone living with cancer.

Why is it important?

It provides professionals with advanced knowledge and understanding of complex side effects, as well as sensitivity to the emotional and psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis.

In 2018 Oncology Aesthetic Training was not even available in Ireland, now there are almost 100 beauty and hair professionals who have upskilled and certified in OTI Training.

A good thing to come out of the pandemic at last! With salons and spas closed all over the country and training being forced online, therapists and stylists had the perfect opportunity to train. Even better, this is now possible from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Students have championed the OTI course. With good news spreading fast there are graduates now in almost every county.

The days of being turned away from salons and spas, clients feeling isolated and having to travel hours for a safe treatment will soon be gone.

“OTI training online is just the best. Apart from having an excellent course, my teacher Louise supports us during the course and after, this really boosts me and gives me confidence. Sometimes we get to know other tutors and other people who have vast experience in this sector. We meet via zoom and Facebook to accommodate everyone; I really cannot ask for more. Well done to OTI Ireland, thank you for all of this.”

OTI Graduate 2020

“This course has changed the way I work, not just with clients who have cancer but everyone. It opens your mind, makes you think of what people may have going on in their life. It has made me a better therapist but also a better person. It is a privilege to be part of the OTI network, a true support system. I think everyone should do this course, it does not disappoint”

OTI Graduate 2020

OTI is an International Certificate and is supported and approved by the International Society of Oncology Esthetics.

Students can reap the benefits of government funding when booking through Image Skillnet. For more information please contact or visit

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